Our Ambassador, Julie Ann

We are Gracie and Mr. Molesley and now Julie Ann, our dad Dale and mom, Laurel. Here you will find our stories, but they are not just our stories. They are your stories for this is a place, not just a page, for anyone who has a dog, has ever had a dog or simply finds themselves giggling like a child when a dog with a big, goofy grin on his face, his tail wagging so hard that his behind has no choice but to follow in unison comes to greet you. We see every day as full of miracles and fun. It is a voice for rescue dogs for often it is they who rescue us. Along the way we will share tips on how to understand us better, make good food choices for us, product and book reviews, fun stories from us and our many friends and some great tips on how to train a human.

The Rescue Dog Variety Pack