A Celebration of Hair

Miss Gracie is due for a trip to Christy’s Canine for grooming. Dad says her hair is starting to look like the “big hair” from the 80’s.

Miss Gracie, dad says soon I could join Heart-the quintessential big hair girl’s band
Mom and dad’s big hair wedding
Dad says no “man bun” for me and certainly not this for Mr. Molesley
Mr. Molesley-some of my friends call me Spike. Not sure why.
Julie Ann sporting a fashionable bow
If you can’t have a good hair day, try a hat or a native head dress as sis and dad did as kids. They could pass for native Americans with their high cheek bones you know.

Time has a way of eroding the hairline but when you think about it, an advancing hairline could be a bigger problem.

Wags and licks, your friends, Gracie, Mr. Molesley and Julie Ann

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