A Christmas Crime for Mr. Molesley-The Case of The Missing Squirrel

The world had just celebrated the birth of the Christ Child who came to save us from our sins most wretched yet the sun had not yet risen on the following morn when the alarm was raised in our house hold. Having been inspired by many episodes of the the intelligent yet eccentrically-defined Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, I Mr. Molesley am compelled to pit my wits against the perpetrators of this crime most shocking.
Our aunt Darla had gifted our pack with a lovely Christmas gift consisting of a fabric log with three diminutive squirrels poking their heads from within. The task of our pack was to simply extract the squirrels and shake them about as they squeak which we found delightful. As you can see in the photographic evidence below one is clearly missing. Was it an abduction, kidnapping, or the unthinkable, was his life taken and will we find him disemboweled and lifeless, his stuffing scattered under the bed? I shall hold a press conference soon to discuss my list of suspects possible motives. In the meantime I shall be devout in my order and method, keep calm and employ my “little grey cells”.

Inspector Molesley who was shocked to learn of this crime and is summoned to use his “little gray cells” to solve this crime most heinous
David Suchet-the name synonymous with the Agatha Christie’s celebrated Hercule Poirot
The Christmas gift photographic evidence, The Case of The Missing Squirrel
Modus Operandi of Hercule Poirot/Detective Molesley
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