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Mr. Molesley’s Musing-Dismissed as the Runt

At 5 feet 8 inches and 165 pounds, he was a not an imposing opponent on the football field but his determination and grit finally endeared him to the real jocks. His senior year, he scored a touchdown in the 52-0 swamping of Western Maryland. Despite a broken leg that kept him off the field for most of the season, the coach rewarded that grit by letting him play in the Yale game, which won him his letter. The man dismissed by his father as the runt of the litter. He is credited as being the architect of his brother’s winning campaigns and went on to challenge the likes of Jimmy Hoffa and Sam Giancana, king pins of organized crime that would strike fear in most any other Attorney General. He told us, “I think that we can do better in this country. And that is why I run for President of the United States.” So what if Bobby Kennedy had won? The hope he had ignited was extinguished after he was killed following a victory speech in California but he still inspires us

‘Some men see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say why not?
Great things sometimes come in small unlikely packages-Julie Ann
You just can’t beat the person who never gives up-Babe Ruth
Mr. Molesley
My sis Gracie is taking the day off from barking as she is resting up from her check up at the vet who says she is whole and healthy and still full of spunk

Mr. Molesley’s Musing:Dogs Who Overcame Disabilities

While watching the Smithsonian Channel I was appalled to learn I was confused:

I myself was born without toes on my right front paw and mostly walk on my three other legs but my pawsitive attitude and love know no bounds. Victor Frankl who survived the holocaust said, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way”. Wags and licks, your friend, Mr. Molesley

Roosevelt was born with malformed front legs making running impossible. His pup parent had the idea to try a doggie wheelchair and it was a resounding success! Roosevelt is able to run in the park, explore the woods and even pop a wheelie.
As a puppy, Naki’o was abandoned in a foreclosed home. He was found in the cellar in a pool of ice water. He suffered frostbite and all four feet and the tip of his tail had to be amputated in order to save his life. A veterinary assistant fell in love wih Naki’o and adopted him. She raised funds and had Naki’o fitted with bionic paws. He adapted wonderfully to his new paws and is able to run and play.
Hope — an appropriately named 2-legged Maltese puppy — gets around by using her hind legs to boost her body forward onto her chest, which has small wriggling nubs where her front legs should be. The spry little pooch can bound across a room at a surprisingly break-neck pace.

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Dogs at the Last Supper?

While researching facts about depictions of the last supper we came across this observation:
Look for Peter and John on either side of Jesus, and Judas, usually shown standing or sitting slightly apart from the other apostles and sometimes holding a purse of money, isolated or is in the act of leaving the table. Judas is sometimes shown with a dog at his feet, which is difficult to account for since the animal normally symbolizes fidelity.

The most famous representation by Leonardo DaVinci. At what point did Jesus say, “Okay, everybody on this side of the table for the picture?”
Miss Julie here with another important question, “Did Judas actually leave the dinner because he forgot the potato salad?
Of course there is a representation with dogs.
Oh, one other observation, after an exhaustive study we have concluded that none of the disciples were name Woody. So if you are on quiz show the answer would be “that is false”.
Happy Easter and wags and licks, your friends, Gracie, Mr. Molesley and Julie Ann

Julie Ann’s Adoption Song

Julie Ann’s Adoption Song. Mom and dad rescued me from a bad breeder situation. Yes, each one of us has our own song. This one is a derivative of a Harry Chapin song. Dad says, “The higher one aims the greater the number of predecessors to whom was is endowed”. I am the spokesperson for our Best Bully Sticks affiliate program now. See below for a coupon and you can now subscribe on www.twodogdad.com so you never miss a post. Yeah, I make it three now but who’s counting? Love you!

Mr. Molesley’s Musing, Even Deafness Did Not Diminish His Genius

His early skills at music and the violin were decidedly less than impressive. His teachers thought him hopeless. It was his father who saw the potential in him and took over his education. Beethoven slowly lost his hearing throughout his life and yet, four of his greatest works were composed when he was completely deaf. The important thing is that Beethoven did not give up and realized that he had to face the truth and continue living his dream of composing music. Even Beethoven’s deafness was not enough to be an obstacle large enough to block his path of success.

1) “Beethoven can write music, thank God, because he can’t do anything else!” – Ludwig van Beethoven
2) Don’t worry about the permits. I’m sure there’s room for a second building.
3) It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. Mark Twain
Go get em’! Wags and licks, your friend, Mr. Molesley

A Delicious Tale of Redemption-Mr. Molesley’s Musing

Mr. Molesley’s Musing
His first wife’s brother sent him a letter saying, “She had no business marrying a no-good fellow like you who can’t hold a job.” Things still didn’t look so rosy when at age 65, after 25 years in the restaurant business, Colonel Harland Sanders was effectively broke. He received his first social security check-$105 but he had something else besides determination on his side…a great chicken recipe. He lived in his car for 2 years and was rejected 1,009 times before finally finding a restaurant owner who agreed to use his recipe. Finally his hard work paid off, his success was “finger lickin’ good”. For more details read about it .

1) Kentucky Fried Chicken, a taste enjoyed around the world in Hong Kong
2) Sometimes it feels like you can’t do anything right
3) Sweet Dreams of that secret blend of herbs and spices
4) The original recipe: hard work and tenacity. You can do it!
Wags and licks, your friend, Mr. Molesley

Mr. Molesley’s Musings on Overcoming Failure and Mistakes

This man has enjoyed a reputation resembling something of a secular sainthood, yet historians disagree as to what his greatest blunder was. Here is one view:
George Washington’s largest blunder was surely his signing a surrender document with the French at Ft. Necessity that acknowledged the assassination of French officers by Washington and his Indian Allies. That was the justification for the French to start a world-wide war.

Washington’s conduct during the Battle of Long Island was incredibly risky and the only thing that saved the Americans from annihilation was the lack of action by the British commanders.

–Steven Baule
He also spent most of his life in debt to the British as his tobacco crops experienced numerous failures. Historians do agree that one of his great virtues was the ability to learn from his mistakes

Washington crossing the Delaware. He should have had a hat with ear flaps.
Thought I could fit underneath the fence. Turns out I can’t.
I had a feeling!
You are loved and you are a winner. Your friend. Mr. Molesley

Exclusive footage from the NSL

The Love of a Dog

The devotion and loyalty of a dog touches us all, from the vagabond on the street to the regal monarch, unsure of whom she can trust. Anyone who has loved a dog knows this pain even as Queen Victoria did for Dash and the other animals she cherished in her lifetime. Some cast members paid a tribute to their fellow cast member and the real life Dash, friend and confidante of Her Majesty, the Queen.

Dash and Jenna Coleman as Victoria on PBS

Saying “Goodbye” to Dash
We have been following the exquisite Victoria series on PBS and were so very pleased to see that she was a dog lover as well as a great monarch. Sadly, Dash succumbed to old age. We thought you might enjoy some real life facts about Dash.
Who knew his dry nose was the sign of horrid things to come?

“Why oh why did Dash have to die?”, we hear you cry. Well, because the real Dash died in 1840, too.

Victoria’s beloved pet – who was gifted to her when she was just 13 – passed away and she buried him herself in the grounds of Adelaide Cottage in Windsor Home Park.

A special marble effigy was erected over his grave, bearing a heartfelt inscription.

Here lies
The favourite spaniel of Her Majesty Queen Victoria
In his 10th year
His attachment was without selfishness
His playfulness without malice
His fidelity without deceit
If you would be beloved and die regretted
Profit by the example of

Coping With the Winds of Change

We will concede that Darwin had one concept correct-it is not the strongest or the swiftest who survive but those most adaptable to change. Drat! I hate it that he’s right on that point.
My cousins have checked in to experience all the wonder, the marvels, the luxury that is…Gracie’s Bed and Breakfast and Bark Park. Mr. Molesley has set the standards of service high. He is adamant that a restaurant that boasts “same day service” is simply not good enough. It seems fine to me unless of course it is my dinner we’re talking about. There is some underlying history to my distaste for change. It seems my first few months of life were fraught with it, being passed around to four different homes before I found mom and dad. “There is no sense in worrying about things you can’t do anything about because you can’t do anything and there is no sense in worrying about things you can change because you can do something about it”.-Wayne Dyer. Maybe a good ride in the car with my head hanging out and my ears flapping in the breeze would help. By the way, “Mr. Molesley, what time is check out? I’d be glad to help with their bags.” Wags and licks, your mostly patient friend, Gracie.

Emmy and Charlie exhausted from their whirlwind of excitement
Mr. Molesley’s Musing
Cousin Shady, why yes I will definitely give this establishment a 5 star review on Yelp, Charlie got growled at but the concierge Mr. Molesley gave us a coupon for a free night on a return visit
the staff was most attentive, we must say the chicken jerky on our pillows and the massages were a delight