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The Dramatic Conclusion to The Case of the Missing Squirrel

Our unlikely hero Jerry the Giraffe
who found the missing squirrel.
True Jerry has but one eye but that was enough to pull off a
rescue in the far reaches of the basement where the dust bunnies roam and it looks like you may have a little swelling going on there Jerry. Is that an abscess tooth

Exclusive –First pictures of the saved squirrel who is being nursed back to health by the pack. I am sure they will be in the New York Times tomorrow but you are the first to see them.

“Hercule Molesley Poirot” and The Case of the Missing Squirrel

The List of Suspects in the Case of the Missing Squirrel

Was it the universally popular Julie Ann?

Our brilliant Hercule Molesley Poirot pledged that he would have the case solved within a fortnight and now promises the dramatic conclusion yet this week. Was it a kidnapping? There has been no ransom note forthcoming, or the unthinkable-a murder mystery?

Was it the beautiful Princess Gracie?


Was it dad? Was there international espionage involved? Was that really a birthday trip on that WWII bomber or was he surreptitiously conducting aerial surveillance for a top secret mission?
Mom dressed as a pirate for Halloween but is there more to her swashbuckling style than we suppose? The parrot is not talking.

A Christmas Crime for Mr. Molesley-The Case of The Missing Squirrel

The world had just celebrated the birth of the Christ Child who came to save us from our sins most wretched yet the sun had not yet risen on the following morn when the alarm was raised in our house hold. Having been inspired by many episodes of the the intelligent yet eccentrically-defined Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, I Mr. Molesley am compelled to pit my wits against the perpetrators of this crime most shocking.
Our aunt Darla had gifted our pack with a lovely Christmas gift consisting of a fabric log with three diminutive squirrels poking their heads from within. The task of our pack was to simply extract the squirrels and shake them about as they squeak which we found delightful. As you can see in the photographic evidence below one is clearly missing. Was it an abduction, kidnapping, or the unthinkable, was his life taken and will we find him disemboweled and lifeless, his stuffing scattered under the bed? I shall hold a press conference soon to discuss my list of suspects possible motives. In the meantime I shall be devout in my order and method, keep calm and employ my “little grey cells”.

Inspector Molesley who was shocked to learn of this crime and is summoned to use his “little gray cells” to solve this crime most heinous
David Suchet-the name synonymous with the Agatha Christie’s celebrated Hercule Poirot
The Christmas gift photographic evidence, The Case of The Missing Squirrel
Modus Operandi of Hercule Poirot/Detective Molesley

Mr. Molesley’s Musing on the New Year


Came across this from Animalnaturopathy.org which gave me pause:
By Dr. Kim Bloomer, co-founder of American Council of Animal Naturopathy

As we close out yet another year, we often look back to reflect on what has transpired – the good, the bad and the ugly. Unfortunately, we all too often focus on the bad and the ugly cancelling out all the good in our minds and attitudes. For the sake of our animals, let’s, together, begin to flip this to focusing primarily on the good. I read a quote that led me to the title for this article, “If you stumble, make it part of the dance,” by HealthPlace.com – as another more known quote states, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Why do we focus on the stumble as if it defines us? Maybe it’s human nature, or maybe we’ve come to believe we need to be on someone else’s Chapter Twenty instead of our own Chapter One.

Makes me think of the line in Harry Chapin’s story song Mr. Tanner, “He did not know how well he sang, he only heard the flaws”. Don’t let the past define you and you don’t have to wait until Monday for a brand new beginning. That can be right here, right now. Live well my friends.

A Timely Christmas Tip From Miss Gracie

A Doggy Nativity

Miss Gracie’s safety tip–Before you take off with those gifts be sure to check the exhaust on the reindeer for any leaks.
We may be adding a YouTube channel soon. Sometime after Christmas we will do a “live” version of Mr. Molesley’s story.
Also soon, why is Julie Ann now our artistic director and what ancient archaeological wonder inspired her to create something reminiscent of it?
We also may add a site that will feature daily inspiration and quotes from Mr. Molesley. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! Wags and licks, your friends, Gracie, Mr. Molesley ad Julie Ann

checking exhaust on Santa’s helper
Julie Ann in a festive mood
our cousin Charlie decked out for Christmas

Animal Odd Couples

These Dogs Raise Orphaned Piglets

These sweet dogs LOVE taking care of their orphaned piglets. They teach their little piggies what family means, and they all wrestle together like puppies until they all fall asleep in one big cuddle puddle. Today on Odd Couples, watch them fall in love with Piper, the most special piglet of all 🐶 🐶 ❤️ 🐷

Posted by Odd Couples on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Facebook Live Broadcast-How to Get the Most Out of Your Holiday

Twodogdad.com LIVE Broadcast

Posted by Gracie & Mr. Molesley on Saturday, December 16, 2017

Our First Facebook Live Broadcast is a Wrap

Our Inaugural Broadcast of Two Dog Dad

Posted by Gracie & Mr. Molesley on Friday, December 8, 2017

Mr. Molesley, executive producer for twodogdad.com here to say thanks for joining our first FB live broadcast. We had technical challenges, thought we might have to postpone but found a solution to make it work at the last minute. Though not the polished version we want, we at least connected and know how to handle the next one.

We celebrated Gracie’s birthday with some Bully Sticks and then we heard dad putting whipped cream in his coffee and we came running for that. It’s one of our favorites.
On Saturday the first snow of the season, maybe the first Julie Ann has ever seen since she came from a bad breeder situation.

Here is the link to Stuart McClean’s
story Dave Cooks the Turkey. Wags and licks, your friends, Gracie, Mr. Molesley and Julie Ann

A Tribute to Stuart McClean and a Celebration of Gracie’s Birthday

Get the kids out of school, postpone surgery, cancel that trip to Paris, grab some popcorn and gather round the small screen.
Friday at 4 pm Eastern/US is our first Facebook “Live” Broadcast for Twodogdad.com
A tribute to our muse Stuart McClean of the Vinyl Cafe and we’ll be sharing a “live” version of Finding Gracie to celebrate her third/third birthday. We’ll explain how the math works on that and be looking forward to seeing you here. Wags and licks, your friends, Gracie, Mr. Molesley and Julie Ann.

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A third/third birthday? How does that work, we all want to know that?