I Am Small but My Attitude is Big

My practice squirrel

Julie Ann: Yes I am small but I am in the big leagues now.
Mr. Molesley, my gentle brother and patient teacher has been coaching me on the fine are of chasing squirrels. I have carefully noted how he begins to crouch and move forward like a lion stalking a gazelle on the Serengeti plains. I have practiced diligently with the stuffed squirrel and this week…I treed a squirrel all on MY OWN!!! I swear I was so close I could feel his hot breath but I didn’t flinch and I scared the squirrel pee out of him. I’ll bet he is still telling his friends about his narrow escape.

In honor of my achievement and ability to inspire all of my fans everywhere dad submitted a tee shirt design to Amazon today with my image and big attitude. We will let you know when it is available. We will do a FB “live” soon about the tee shirt design contest. How cool will it be to have your dog on a shirt to wear?
Wags and licks, dream big, your friend, Julie Ann

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Julie Ann’s Adoption Song

Julie Ann’s Adoption Song. Mom and dad rescued me from a bad breeder situation. Yes, each one of us has our own song. This one is a derivative of a Harry Chapin song. Dad says, “The higher one aims the greater the number of predecessors to whom was is endowed”. I am the spokesperson for our Best Bully Sticks affiliate program now. See below for a coupon and you can now subscribe on www.twodogdad.com so you never miss a post. Yeah, I make it three now but who’s counting? Love you!

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Okay, She’s Family

I have, not without reservation, learned to love my brother Mr. Molesley. He has proven his worth as concierge in Gracie’s Bark Park, he is a grand playmate and acknowledges my role as pack leader. Recently mom was given the assignment to replenish our inventory of Grain Free Greenies and much to my dismay brought back this cute little thing named Julie Ann and since then all I’ve heard is how adorable she is. Everyone knows if you look in the dictionary under cute, there is a picture of me. If I hear any more of this talk I may just…oh sorry about that dad.
So you can imagine my relief to learn that dad would resume this task. If mom were to go again, she may return with something ghastly like a llama! Or a cat, I can’t even think about it, although, dad says a couple of goats might be okay if they keep the yard in check. Still this cute little thing does serve as a source of amusement with her curious habits. When she sees her image in the oven door she barks crazily, trying to figure out what that darling reflection is and she has taken up Mr. Molesley’s practice of stealing underwear from the laundry basket and proudly dancing in to the great room with it.
Dad says I must learn to love her. Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “Friends are God’s way of apologizing for your family”. God, I need some friends!
Wags and licks, your friends, Gracie, Mr. Molesley and Julie Ann.
1)Pack leader, matriarch-Princess Gracie
2)Julie Ann has this penchant for arranging her toys neatly by the wall
3)Mr. Molesley is her mentor and life coach, she watches and copies everything he does
4)Julie Ann-I make people smile, it’s my gift

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A Philosophical Argument for Eating Dessert First


Back in the day when dad was a radio personality enjoying a bohemian lifestyle which allowed him to put everything he owned in to the back of a Mustang and move anywhere there were hot hits that needed to be played, it was not the best time to have a dog. Many of our followers have furry babies but some of you are in a place in your career, your life where it would not practical. You know our stories, the chapters where our hopes looked dim and then a sudden change of fortune. We found our forever home. We realize that we are not only mom and dad’s dog babies, we are yours as well. You love us too.
So we hesitated to share this but life is not always beautiful and glorious. Sometimes there are violent and tremendous storms of the soul where the treasure is found in persevering and finding beauty anyway.
The vet revealed that I, Miss Julie Ann have a heart murmur and since I was rescued from a pet store because a breeder no longer desired me as I am too small to provide profit for his operation, the vet said we had the option to return me. Mom and dad’s answer was a resounding NO! They are committed to me. Actually the odds are good that I can live a good long life with great food, exercise and a healthy dose of the same faith and prayer that gave my late brother Winston a miracle in his crippled legs. I am having the time of my life and together Gracie, Mr. Molesley, mom and dad and I will face each day together and have some grand adventures. Mom used to know a lady who relished dessert and decreed that she would always eat first…the course that she enjoyed the most. We are not promised tomorrow. Eternity, but not tomorrow so experience life and make the most of today! It’s just a reminder to LIVE LIKE SOMEBODY LEFT THE GATE OPEN! Wags and licks, your friends, Gracie, Mr. Molesley and Julie Ann.
1) going for a ride, Gracie lets me ride piggyback
2) Julie Ann, a good resting spot in the shade after touring the Farmers Market
3) Gracie and Mo wrestling
4) mmm! ice cream, before dinner, of course
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Earning the Respect of a Princess

For Gracie, Julie’s arrival was about as welcome as a new facial blemish the day before a high school dance but I, Mr. Molesley, have taken on the role of big brother and mentor to Julie. I am teaching her important things to bark at such as our neighbor’s dog who comes to visit for the summer. In spite of our entreaty for friendship, she will have none of it. Her name is Sassy, about as congenial as that fat kid in North Korea.
I am attempting to teach her the fine art of garnering chicken from the dinner table. It is a matter of looking most mournful and invoking the countenance of the little urchin in Oliver Twist who begs piteously for “more sir”. Performed correctly, it can reap a grand reward.
There is also the fine art of stealing underwear from the laundry basket and proudly parading it in to the great room. An exhibition mom and dad seem most excited about when there are guests about.
Also, one cannot underestimate the value of learning how to conduct a proper ear lick on dad.
1)Mr. Molesley, I was “busted” for shredding toilet paper. Shredding is a specialty of mine.
2)Helping Mo and Gracie bark at Sassy
3 Gracie- a new sister? You’re kiddin’ right?
4) Julie Ann- finally safe and loved
Wags and licks, your friends, Gracie, Mr. Molesley and Julie Ann

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A Change of Fortune for Julie Ann

A line of questioning that would garner praise from Columbo and some internet sleuthing by mom reveal that I came in to the world in a breeding operation in southern Indiana in February 2016. Not a favorable beginning. The puppy mill operation made the list of Horrible 100. In itself, not an auspicious development but it did lead to Purdue University stepping in to monitor the operation in an effort to encourage improvement. It turns out I am too small to breed. Normally, a dog like me might “disappear”. Who will know? After all, I did’nt even have a name. But with some accountability in place a program was developed to place dogs no longer desired as money making inventory in to pet stores. Then mom popped in to the store and now I have a whole new life and this week… I discovered the ecstasy that is CHICKEN!                                             I received my vet check up. I do have a heart murmur. The vet said mom and dad were free to return me to the pet store. Absolutely not! Mom and dad are committed to me. With great nutrition, lots of love, attention and prayers I will be with them a long time. I am finally safe. Wags and licks, your friends, Gracie, Mr. Molesley and Julie Ann
1) at Freedom Fest with mom, Gracie and Mr. Molesley
2) Mo showing me some good places to sniff in the park
3) lots of good soft spots to rest, sometimes I even find a
fresh Bully Stick on my pillow

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Finding Julie Ann/Three Dog Dad?

Now mom and dad would never advocate purchasing a dog from a pet store lest they encourage the puppy mill industry. Recently they made one small exception. A three-and-a-half pound one to be exact and when you learn my story you’ll know why.
Dad sometimes frequents this pet store to get Ziwi Peak food which is not available too many places and when he does so he is very careful to give no more than a passing glance toward the puppies. Make no mistake, he’d love to pack every one of them in to the car and could easily end up being one of those dog hoarders you see on the evening news.
Last week mom stopped in to the pet store to pick up some Grain Free Greenies. That was her assignment but she was careless and before you know it, she is besotted with a cute little Yorkie. It seems my breeder did not want me in “inventory” anymore since I am too small to breed. I did not even have a name! Like my predecessors, it was mom who found me and for 24 hours I was all she could think about. Dad, of course, was instantly smitten and I follow him everywhere. I was a little underweight but mostly, starved for love. I am one and half years old, born in February so Mr. Molesley and I are the same age. Mo seems to watch over me and I fit in just fine. He and Gracie are teaching me how to play and chase birds and squirrels.
Wags and licks, your friends, Gracie, Mr. Molesley and, oh yes, Julie Ann.

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