Coping With the Winds of Change

We will concede that Darwin had one concept correct-it is not the strongest or the swiftest who survive but those most adaptable to change. Drat! I hate it that he’s right on that point.
My cousins have checked in to experience all the wonder, the marvels, the luxury that is…Gracie’s Bed and Breakfast and Bark Park. Mr. Molesley has set the standards of service high. He is adamant that a restaurant that boasts “same day service” is simply not good enough. It seems fine to me unless of course it is my dinner we’re talking about. There is some underlying history to my distaste for change. It seems my first few months of life were fraught with it, being passed around to four different homes before I found mom and dad. “There is no sense in worrying about things you can’t do anything about because you can’t do anything and there is no sense in worrying about things you can change because you can do something about it”.-Wayne Dyer. Maybe a good ride in the car with my head hanging out and my ears flapping in the breeze would help. By the way, “Mr. Molesley, what time is check out? I’d be glad to help with their bags.” Wags and licks, your mostly patient friend, Gracie.

Emmy and Charlie exhausted from their whirlwind of excitement
Mr. Molesley’s Musing
Cousin Shady, why yes I will definitely give this establishment a 5 star review on Yelp, Charlie got growled at but the concierge Mr. Molesley gave us a coupon for a free night on a return visit
the staff was most attentive, we must say the chicken jerky on our pillows and the massages were a delight