Dogs at the Last Supper?

While researching facts about depictions of the last supper we came across this observation:
Look for Peter and John on either side of Jesus, and Judas, usually shown standing or sitting slightly apart from the other apostles and sometimes holding a purse of money, isolated or is in the act of leaving the table. Judas is sometimes shown with a dog at his feet, which is difficult to account for since the animal normally symbolizes fidelity.

The most famous representation by Leonardo DaVinci. At what point did Jesus say, “Okay, everybody on this side of the table for the picture?”
Miss Julie here with another important question, “Did Judas actually leave the dinner because he forgot the potato salad?
Of course there is a representation with dogs.
Oh, one other observation, after an exhaustive study we have concluded that none of the disciples were name Woody. So if you are on quiz show the answer would be “that is false”.
Happy Easter and wags and licks, your friends, Gracie, Mr. Molesley and Julie Ann
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