I Am Small but My Attitude is Big

My practice squirrel

Julie Ann: Yes I am small but I am in the big leagues now.
Mr. Molesley, my gentle brother and patient teacher has been coaching me on the fine are of chasing squirrels. I have carefully noted how he begins to crouch and move forward like a lion stalking a gazelle on the Serengeti plains. I have practiced diligently with the stuffed squirrel and this week…I treed a squirrel all on MY OWN!!! I swear I was so close I could feel his┬áhot breath but I didn’t flinch and I scared the squirrel pee out of him. I’ll bet he is still telling his friends about his narrow escape.

In honor of my achievement and ability to inspire all of my fans everywhere dad submitted a tee shirt design to Amazon today with my image and big attitude. We will let you know when it is available. We will do a FB “live” soon about the tee shirt design contest. How cool will it be to have your dog on a shirt to wear?
Wags and licks, dream big, your friend, Julie Ann

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