Rescue Dog Massage

Are you an animal lover wanting to

Deepen your Connection & Support Well-Being
with the Power of Touch?

Then, you are in the right place.

Hi, I am Megan Ayrault, and I’d love to share with you & your animal family the effective and easy to learn bodywork techniques that I’ve been using myself & teaching my students and clients, in-person and online, for over 15 years now.

  • Would you love to be able to ease your animals’ aches and pains, slow aging, and more?
  • Think you can’t, or won’t have time to, develop your own “magic fingers”?
  • And as much as they do love “cookies” and other treats, would you love to also be able to offer a more profound connection and deeper wellness through Touch?

Supporting our animals’ well-being is a lifelong passion and learning journey for me – I would love to share the highlights of that journey with you.

Whether you are new to bodywork, or a professional who always loves learning more, I’m here to support your continuing education as you develop your unique path, touch and talents.

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