Mr. Molesley’s Musings on Overcoming Failure and Mistakes

This man has enjoyed a reputation resembling something of a secular sainthood, yet historians disagree as to what his greatest blunder was. Here is one view:
George Washington’s largest blunder was surely his signing a surrender document with the French at Ft. Necessity that acknowledged the assassination of French officers by Washington and his Indian Allies. That was the justification for the French to start a world-wide war.

Washington’s conduct during the Battle of Long Island was incredibly risky and the only thing that saved the Americans from annihilation was the lack of action by the British commanders.

–Steven Baule
He also spent most of his life in debt to the British as his tobacco crops experienced numerous failures. Historians do agree that one of his great virtues was the ability to learn from his mistakes

Washington crossing the Delaware. He should have had a hat with ear flaps.
Thought I could fit underneath the fence. Turns out I can’t.
I had a feeling!
You are loved and you are a winner. Your friend. Mr. Molesley