Of Spring, Dandelions and Tee Shirts

It’s all in the perception. Spring brings new hope, blooms and yes, dandelions. Some curse them, but who decided they were the pariah of a well manicured green? What if “they” had decided that it was a lovely wild flower as beautiful as a mountain laurel? While dandelions are absent from the front yard, they find a temporary sanctuary here in that magical place, Gracie’s Bark Park, where my brother and I play tug of war. Mo could easily out power me and take off with it but he chooses to scale down his power to play on my level and that makes him mighty in my eyes. Wags and licks, your friend, Julie Ann
Live life to the fullest

Your Chance to Win Two Tee-Shirts of your design and a copy of Tom Ryan’s latest book, Will’s Red Coat.
How would you like to proudly wear a shirt with your own dog on it or be able to get shirts for your animal organization or business with all the hassle free and great customer service of Amazon? We can help you set up your own design and URL for your members or employees to get them delivered to their door.
We have three designs up on Amazon under the twodogdad brand and more to come.

We will announce contest details soon so be thinking of your best ideas. Meanwhile spring has sprung and there have been sightings of the legendary “dogaroo”, a creature whose tail is as long as his body. Wags and licks, your friends, Gracie, Mr. Molesley and Julie Ann

A shirt featuring Princess Gracie. How cool would your dog look on a shirt?
Mr. Molesley the legendary dogaroo

You can see Mo’s shirt at:¬†https://www.amazon.com/Funny-Rescue-Dog-Mutt-Shirt/dp/B07CJT46Z9/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1524681274&s

Of course there will be one with the adorable Julie Ann. Stay tuned.

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