Updates from the Variety Pack

It seems as though I have always been a part of the fabric of their lives. My spirit inextricably woven into theirs. For those of you who have recently joined us you may not know my story, that my first adopter from Southside Animal Shelter brought me back and why. You can easily find my story on twodogdad under the categories. I celebrate two years of being safe and adored by mom and dad, a mostly tolerant sister and playmate in¬†Gracie and now a chance to mentor Julie Ann and teach her from my vast expanse of wisdom gleaned from my two summers on this earth. I was especially glad to assure her she doesn’t need to be afraid anymore.-Mr. Molesley

My new T Shirt

Mr. Molesley’s T Shirt available on Amazon


Exciting news! We have been accepted in to the Amazon T Shirt design and merchandising program known as Merch. If you have a design idea or have a business or organization that needs the convenience and customer service that only Amazon can do, let us know.

Miss Gracie’s shirt

And here is a link to Julie Ann’s shirt


to see all the current selections just search “twodogdad” on Amazon.com

Other exciting news. We have acquired a new domain name and as soon as the trademark deal is done we will be making a transition this summer and update the page and have some more fun features for you.

Wags and licks, your friends, Gracie, Mr. Molesley and Julie Ann




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